Oslo Bar Stool


The Oslo stool is the perfect example of a practical and simplistic stool and now you can have the pleasure of owning 2 of them. This stool brings a touch of history back into modern day furniture with a brilliant design with home essentials in mind.

The Oslo stools are stackable and are easily transferred with the nifty hand slot in the seat top to make manoeuvrability really easy. The Oslo stool is made from incredibly sturdy steel with a reinforced cross frame to enhance this property. The stool is topped with white powder coating to help the stool blend into to almost any décor or any room and contrast beautifully with any appliances present. Relaxation is always occurring as the footrest embedded within the stool always caters for those tired legs at any position on the stool. To top of this amazing stool, the sleek satin finish gives this stool beautiful aesthetics and gives any kitchen/breakfast bar area the gleaming shine it deserves.

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