Nordic Twin Round Taps


A twin pair Quooker solution one of the taps provides 100ºC boiling water. The second tap is a standard mixer tap. The Quooker boiling water tap is stuffed with Quooker wizardry including being height adjustable, a bright LED ring that lights up when the tap touched. The tap has grooves in the handle to provide physical feedback alert and provide extra grip to the user.

Polished Chrome & PRO3

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  • boiling-water and mixer tap in Nordic design, with child proof push and turn handle
  • Insulation ensures that it is not too hot to touch
  • Fine spray that prevents burns.
  • Childproof push-and-turn handle, crenulated for recognition and extra grip.
  • Red light ring that lights up when you touch the handle.
  • Spout can be turned 360º.
  • Height-adjustable tap to fill without splashing.



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